Organograms with Neo4j

Inspired by a recent uneventful stint on jury service, I started wading through the open government datasets just out of curiosity. Maybe I was hoping to unearth the next set of Panama Papers, or maybe there is just alot of waiting around during jury service. Either way, one subset of these datasets piqued my interest: Organograms (which according to Google is just another term for an organization chart).

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WADA Drug-Gene Interactions

When exploring some linked datasets I stumbled across Bio2RDF, a resource for linked data for life sciences. This got me thinking how I could link this into WADA’s prohibited list and examine some of the genes linked to these Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s).

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Graph Databases for Rugby Analytics - Part 1

Continuing on the theme of graph databases, I thought this week I would have a look at how we can model and gain insight from some rugby data through Neo4j. The data source is an Opta SuperScout XML which I’ve parsed but unfortunately can’t share the data source itself. The result is a few different tables including:

  • Fixture data - scoreline, referee, team ID’s
  • Team data - which players played, shirt numbers, position, number of minutes.
  • Match stats - each instance/action from throughout the match assigned to each player and team who performed the action.
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