Welcome back my friends...

Grant Beasley · August 22, 2021

“…to the show that never ends, I’m so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside.”

I’ll send a prize to anyone who can name the song/band in the comments…

So I thought I’d start a blog for a few reasons. Hopefully it’ll be a good place to jot down any thoughts on anything data and stats related I find interesting/intriguing. I’m also going to be doing some stats on this seasons rugby Premiership. As a start, I’ll be looking at how accurate Elo ratings will be for the upcoming season and also looking at an expected points model in a similar vein to FiveThirtyEight. I’ll post predictions from each model prior to the round of fixtures and look at ways the model can be refined throughout the season.

Look forward to hearing any thoughts as I get started.

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